Treatment / Symptoms

Chiropractic Treatment is... 


When you hear chiropractic adjustment, the first thing you think of is a cracking sound, isn't it? However, it's not "cracking sound" equals treated. That sound is just gas being released from the joints. Chiropractic adjustment is to improve joint movement, not to make a sound. There are many ways to perform an adjustment. We will help to choose the right way to improve joint movement for your body.

2.Muscle treatment

Causes of symptoms come from pressure on the nerves, a misalignment of joints, and muscle imbalance. These are strongly related to each other. For example, pressure on the nerves causes muscle imbalance; misalignment of the joints causes pressure on the nerves; muscle imbalance causes the misalignment of joints, and so on. It is important to treat the muscle as well as the joints.


Exercises we mention here are different than what you see daily, such as at the gym. This exercise is not "to sweat." We have muscle groups that are specific for posture. These muscles are supposed to work 24/7 to keep our body in the correct posture. However our daily habits such as sitting for long periods of time or working on a computer, deactivate (turn off) these muscles. The exercises we do here are to "activate" these muscles again.

Our treatments combine these techniques and help you to regain the body's self-healing power.