What's chiropractic? 背中

The purpose of Chiropractic treatment is to enhance the nervous system and help the body to reach a healthier state. By doing so, it increases its own self-healing power.

We have a very important nerve called the spinal cord in our body. It is protected by the spine which consists of many bones, each of these called vertebrae. Vertebrae have a hole in the middle and are joined together to make a tunnel for the spinal cord to run through. If the vertebrae are misplaced, this "nerve tunnel" becomes narrow, causing irritation of the nerve and leads to pain. This can be caused by muscle imbalance around the vertebrae that forces it out of alignment. It can also happen the other way; the vertebrae is misplaced (a result of some sort of trauma/impact) which in turn causes muscle imbalance and results in irritation of the nerve.

It is a never ending circle. If you only fix one part (i.e. muscle imbalance) then you will still have effects from the misplaced vertebrae, which in turn causes nerve irritation, which leads right back to muscle imbalance. Chiropractic treatment is to find all of these causes and treat the body as a whole in order to help improve your "self-healing power".